Open Spaces and Elements Designed to the Landscape of Hortobágy National Park


  • Fernando Arturo Mendez Garzón Szent István University



National Parks, Open Space Furniture, Landscape Character, Landscape Experiences


The project arises from problems found it in the poor dissemination of information, low identity with the surrounding, limited resistance and deficient quality of materials, impossibility of non-Hungarian speakers to access the information, difficulty of recognition and identification of the places by the visitors and the inexistence of a common morphologic language in the elements and spaces for the network of National Parks including for the Hortobágy case. From the academy, the proposal is planned to be inserted within the project of renewal and enhancement of the network of National Parks of Hungary. The project's methodological framework is composed of a nonlinear axis, which covers different levels of the process; Beginning with related worldwide cases data collection and literature review as well as Hungarian National Parks data, then data analysis and evaluation to identify the landscape character, the establishment of design parameters, experimentation into the study area, design alternatives formulation, assessment, and qualifying, finally design in detail and validation of the results.
The paper seeks to show a unique system of elements and spaces, designed in the framed of the Hungarian National Parks, in this study case, specifically for the Hortobágy National Park located at east Hungary materialized in a group of pre-set areas, outdoor furniture and signalling elements that fit harmoniously into the landscape. Thus, integrating concepts such as landscape character, local identity, sustainability, high technology, and universality result in a proposal of high-quality design for the improvement of the competitiveness and to enhance people´s experience in the Hortobágy NP and the enjoyment of its landscape through the formulation of a viable and comprehensive design proposal.

Author Biography

Fernando Arturo Mendez Garzón, Szent István University

Industrial Designer graduated from the National University of Colombia and Buenos Aires University (Argentina). Master in Garden and Landscape Architectural Design at Szent Istvan University (Budapest-Hungary). Currently a student of the Ph.D. program at the Doctoral School of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Ecology at Szent Istvan University in the Department of Landscape Protection and Reclamation, In the last years focused on the research of development and restoration of National Parks in Colombia and Hungary, developing the Doctoral Research; “Consequences of the Colombian armed conflict in the landscape of the National Parks; Sumapaz NNP, Paramillo NNP and, Farallones de Cali NNP Case Study.” E−mail:


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Garzón, F. A. M. . (2021). Open Spaces and Elements Designed to the Landscape of Hortobágy National Park. Landscape Architecture and Art, 17(17), 7–12.